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Colombia: Luciana has two moms

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After many troubles, Juliana and Carla were finally as Luciana’s mothers, a seven months old little girl; through this legal decision, they were recognized as one family.

When Juliana and Carla were asked: “What is the best of being mother?” and, a short time after, with great joy said “To give“. “It means to be ready to fight for someone else” Juliana says. Carla, instead, repeats almost seven times more “To give” and added that it was wonderful to see her child everyday: a seven months old girl became the very first colombian in having two mothers.

It was a long process to enroll Luciana, as their child, born in june 2015. Two judges said “no” at first, that they should adopt. “We shouldn’t have the duty of adopting. I had no child out of the marriage. And why Juliana had to adopt our own child, if she is our child. We decided to have a child“, said Carla, in an interview with El Espectador.

It was last november when the Supreme Court made a ruling in favor to a homosexual couple who was in a similar situation. The Supreme Court ordered the Civil Bureau to change the format of civil registrations, this way to include two mothers or two fathers in it.

It was plenty of joy. To see the Bureu Office Registration having in his arms to Luciana, “crying out with us because they didn’t see two women, but a family who was fighting for its rights” said Carla.

Marcela Sánchez, director of Colombia Diversa, a LGBTI N.G.O. said that neither Juliana nor Carla are activists, they are simply, two people who love each other and had a dream of having a family, as many other persons in similar situations.

Source: El Espectador

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