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Colombia: Sexual Orientation has no influence in a child’s adoption

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The assistant manager of the Colombian Institute of Familiar Welfare (in spanish ICBF), Mr. Eduardo Franco, revealed in a colombian radio programme that the Constitutional Court asked the ICBF a technical-scientific report about the influence on adopted children by same sex couples.

The research was made with the supporting in Psychological and social work universities whose results are already available for the high court.

The functionary said the researches offered the possibility of “listening the child’s will, their opinion on the possibility of being adopted by a same sex couple”.

The conclusions of the research are that “there’s no difference between a heterosexual family model or a homosexual one, neither of them are better than the other”.

The assistant manager of adoptions said that “suitability concept never has pointed that sexual, religious or political orientations are determinant in the adoption moment, “this is about capabilities and characteristics on people who want to raise a child”.

“Nowadays in our country, we have certain objective parameters to give a minor into adoption and sexual orientation is not a determinant issue”.

Source: El Espectador

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