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Cher claims Cristina Kirchner

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If you are a young woman/man under 30y.o., maybe you don’t know her. All who are above that age, we know very well who she is.
Yesterday, may 25th. Cher went on twitter rant against Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.
The reason was the polar bear called Arturo.

Oso Arturo
Fotografía: Claudio Gutiérrez para diario Los Andes

Arturo, is a polar bear who is at the Mendoza zoo, who was on the news for suffering temperatures above 40°C last argentine summer.

At the beginning, it was said #Arturo would be taken to a Canada Reservation for Polar Bears. However, the medical board determined that it was too risky to take the animal for his age and his health fragility.

Cher joined the Change.org campaign where it was asked argentine president “Cristina Fernández de Kirchner” to take matters into the case.

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