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Brazil against gay marriage: Hypocrite or Conservative?

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A poll over controversial themes show a conservative society, and in election´s year it can be seen on the presidential candidates attitudes. 79% of brazilians are against marijuana decriminalization and abortion, and 53% are against homosexual marriage. It was known last saturday through a pool made by Ibope and published by El País (Spain)

These results may show a “conservative” society, but others indices are a reflection of a quite different behaviour.

For example, every year, one million women abort in the country, this means one per five women made this illegal practice in Brazil. The consequence is every two days, a brazilian woman dies in this kind of procedures.

Valter Silverio, sociologist from Sao Carlos University says that contradiction between what it is done and what it is said in the surveys, is because citizen try to be politically correct.

“It’s probably that, among women who assume being against abortion, some of them have already done” he says. “It happens the same with who are against gay marriage: many of them may have had sex with persons of the same sex“. he adds.

Last week, Marina Silva, presidential candidate, changed her government program as a result of this survey, and erase a paragraph in which she would send a bill to the parliament about gay marriage“.

According the Ibope Survey, 58% of men and 51% of women are against homosexual marriage. Young people from 16’s to 24’s 74% are against cannabis legalization and 77% are against abortion.

Source: By Marilina Rossi, El Pais, Spain.

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