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Boris, the first digital reader of an argentine Publishing House

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EUDEBA (Buenos Aires University Publishing House) released two models of its electronic book reader: one has electronic ink Kindle type, and the other with colour screen and windows 8.1.-

EUDEBA introduced in Argentina two models of digital readers books (e-books), that incorporate to the platform of digital texts of the Publishing House; EUDEBA is the first in having electronic devices for their own catalogue, so said Gonzálo Alvarez, president of the company.

“Boris” mark is inspired in Boris Spivacow, former general manager and one of the main creators of EUDEBA during the 50′ and 60′. “In the Boris Spivacow anniversary 100, an innovator that made a revolution in EUDEBA, we use new technologies in books field and pay tribute to him”. Alvarez added.

“Boris” will have two different devices, that were presented during the Book Fair 2015.-

One of them is the digital reader Boris 611L with electronic ink (that doesn’t irradiate light, but reflects the environment light, and doesn’t affect the eyes, somehow the “Amazon Kindle type or the Grammata devices) and 6 inches touching screen, Wi-Fi and backlight (to read in dark environments), that allow storing hundreds of books, an autonomy of almost four weeks, and twenty initial e-books with no charge. Price: U$S234

The another model is Boris Tablet T811W, that allows reading e-books and also using multimedia content and apps of Windows 8.1, because it has a conventional hardware, with a computer processing unit Intel Atom of four cores, 1GB RAM, 16GB internal, Wi-Fi and a touching screen of 8 inches. Price: U$S334.-

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