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Gay Wedding at Argentinian Federal Police

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La Plata, B.A. Province: The first gay wedding at the argentinian Federal Police was celebrated this week. Daniel Alejandro Silvera who works for the Federal Police, and Darío Serdá, a well known dentist from Berisso, a neighbourhood near La Plata, got married after ten years living together. They already had a civil union dated in 2008, but they decided to get married under the argentinian law that allows same sex couples to do it.

“Although at the present moment, equality marriage is not taken so naturally (talking about sexual diversity) it is something not so weird, as it happened when we joined under civil union”. said Daniel to the online newspaper Infonews.

The officer added that, as he belongs to the Police Department, it was necessary to ask for some authorizations, but they got the law applied. “According the internal rules they should research the background of the husband. If You get married without permission, they can arrest you for fifteen days. In our case, that authorization delayed too long”, but finally they got it.

They both talked about the moment they are living as a “special moment”.

“Be happy, enjoy. Fight but also have fun”, said María Soledad Linir, the judge who celebrated the marriage.

Source: La Nación
Translation: Dano Pereyra @danielsur

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