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BIO-CONCRETE: Giving life to buildings

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At the Technical University of Delft, in the Netherlands, they have developed the bio-concrete, a material that is literally alive and can regenerate timeworn buildings.

“Our concrete will revolutionize the way we build, because we are inspired by nature,” Jonkers said when he was nominated for best European inventor award in 2015.

Basically, the concrete has a special compound: bacteria. These bacteria taken from nature, give the possibility to regenerate a construction, as we make all living beings.

He also worked in a special liquid, with the same method of bacteria; which can be applied to existing buildings with traditional concrete, thus improving buildings with wear caused by the passage of time. This liquid, would be made available in the European market since late 2015.
It is expected, Bio-Concrete can start marketing this year.-

Henk Jonkers

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