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Kisses and Diseases

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Kisses, according to its type, represent a demostration of affection or respect.
The french kiss, must be the most intense, because it expresses passion and desire. However, one kiss may bring you up health issues. Just for the fact of kissing someone you can be infected by S.T.D. (Sexual Transmitted Diseases).

We don’t ask you not to kiss someone anymore, but attend your physician at least every three or six months and make health tests.

Here you have information for you to know the risk level of gettinn sexual transmitted diseases, according to the kind of contact you have.

Tongue Kisses

AIDS = Null

Herpes= Moderate

Syphilis= Moderate

Chlamydia = Null

Gonorrhea = Moderate

Human Papilloma = Null



AIDS= High

Herpes = Moderate

Syphilis = High

Hepatitis = High


Vaginal & Anal Sex

AIDS = High

Herpes = High

Sifilis = High

Chlamydia = High

Gonorrhea = High

Human Papilloma = High

Hepatitis = High

Source: Menhealth

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