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Axel confessed he was in an Orgy

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In the mid-october, the argentinian singer, Axel confessed he participated of an orgy.I was in an orgy among 8 men and 17 women. We were 25. It was 10 years ago, I was already rather famous at that moment and that was an advantage for me” he said.

At first it was doubted on the way he confessed it -funny or serious- but Axel himself confirmed he talked about it seriously.

A month ago Axel did strong statements on the radio programme of Jey Mammon broadcasted on Radio Pop. The argentinian singer, Axel said he has no regrets.

I like the way I am, honest and clear, I talked about it and I don’t regreet. My wife knew it, we talk about everything, but press remarked it, and was fun” he said at Agarrate Catalina, a radio programme.

Source: Clarin

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