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Argentina: Free silicones for trans people

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Posadas, Misiones. The province Misiones in Argentina, is taking measures over the Gender Identity law, through the Public Health Minister develops a project which is focused on removing industrial oil of high risk to transgender persons and replace them with silicones approved by the ANMAT (National Administration of drugs, food and medical technology of Argentina)

The minister Oscar Herrera Ahuad said to a local newspapers that “We are looking for an organized action to take care of trans persons, taking into account the high life risk for their lives, because of the toxic oils (for example methacrylate which is quite common in the illegal market, brakes oil for aeroplanes among others)”.

Minister Herrera Ahuad said that before the implementation it is necessary a survey to know how many trans people have injected toxic substances and that way assign priority to the severe cases. The surgical procedures will be done at the Madariaga Hospital, anyway it is being considered some others health centers in the province.

The minister had a meeting with members of the Lesbian, Gays, Bisexuals and Trans Association of Misiones to talk about the main issues that worry this community.

This would be the first step and is focused on these persons because the substances they have already injected are harmful, and represent a high life risk for the patients” said Laura Bronzino, president of LGBT Misiones.

These substances may provoke conditions as lipodystrophy (anomalous changes of distribution of body’s grease) and, just in case the substances come into bloodstream, may cause death. Despite its toxicity, are very used because of the low prices compared to a plastic surgery.

Matías Rios, vice president of this organization, said that “It is very common injecting brake oil for aeroplanes, which is liquid, but when injected is solidified, but once in the bloodstream is very toxic“.

The needles are of veterinary use, which are thick and the hole that remains is so big that is sealed with glue.
Many transgenders passed away for using this oil, that’s the importance of this measure.

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