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Spanish Singer Alaska talked about LGBT Community

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Buenos Aires: Franco Torchia interviewed the spanish singer Alaska at his radio programme “No se puede vivir del amor“, broadcasted by La Once Diez/Radio de la Ciudad, the emblematic Alaska, leader of Fangoria Band since 1989, and said that “At the gay community there is more freedom but less diversity“.

At the 30th Anniversary of the song “A quién le importa” (Who cares), the Fangoria song from 1986 which talks about breaking the status quo, asked about present and the actual rules, María Olvido Gara Jova (Alaska), said; “Obviously society has moved along. As time goes by, I see those rules change but there are not new ones”.

I scare the politically correct thing. At present time the minor defender would say that when I was 15 y.o. I shouldn’t have done the scenes I did with (Pedro) Almodovar“, talking about her participation at “Pepi, Luci, Bom and some others girls“, one of the first commercial films of the famous spanish director”, said the artist, who always had as referring to David Bowie.

I belong to the strong Queer line. Call me fag, lesbian, fat, that way the rest can’t use it as an insult“, said the singer, and questioned the gay community saying that “There are more freedom but less diversity”.

“Nowadays everything is more structured. Even the gay publications, many times, they transmit that the homosexual macho has to be this way, and lesbian female other way. It is full of cliches. If you are gay you must like Kylie Minogue, but mustn’t like Kiss. All of them cliches”, said Alaska.

Alaska got married before gay marriage in Spain, but in 2011 finally got married in Madrid at a T.V. show.

So she insisted on “after gay marriage and conquered freedoms, what we should fight for is against gay world cliches”.

She added that “we are imposed the idead that if you have not a couple or if you don’t have children you are not complete. That heterosexual classic rule has settled down in gay world”.

Finally and faith to her irony, the artist said that “the travesti revenge comes” and said that “elder women with so much surgery end copying the travestis settings”.

Source: Exitoina by Franco Torchia
Translation: Dano Pereyra

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