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Archbishop from La Plata, AR. forbids talk about Gender Id at Catholics Schools

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La Plata, AR. The Archbishop of La Plata, Mgr. Héctor Aguer started a debate again, this time on Gender Id. and Gay marriage. He considers homosexuality as a deviation. This time the order was for catholics schools, and is trying to avoid pupils make “mistakes” on certain issues.

Aguer says teachers and catechists should colaborate for pupils “watch out the disordered mistakes and behaviours broadcasted by present culture, to prevent falling in them”.

He specially remarked the ban of proposing alternative sights on sexual issues, and remarked that the Regional Board of Catholic Education will control the accomplishment of these rules at schools in La Plata, Berisso, Ensenada, Magdalena and Punta Indio.

The C.H.A (Argentinian Homosexual Community) through its president César Cigliutti repudiated the rule. “The archbishop of La Plata, Mgr. Aguer, through this rule pretends becoming into a legislator of catholics schools denying nationals laws of a democratic country such as Sexual Education Law, Equality Marriage Law and Gender Identity Law.

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