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Adam Champ

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    Adam Champ

At mirada-h we’ll outstand the work of all cute men of latin-america who have international success, that’s why the first place is for someone who was born in argentine land and becomes like our godfather.

Adam Champ was born in Buenos Aires, and his real name is Gustavo. Nowadays is one of the most important gay porn stars, who keep that latin warm which make “latinos” so particular.

How did you get to work in porno?

To be honest the porn industry found me. I had never been interested before but when I realized I felt I was in the middle of the ocean far away from the coast. In New York I got my first offering to join the prestigious Colt Studio in 2004. At that moment I was working at the famous Gaiety Theater. The producers contacted me several times, and I rejected them until we got an agreement three years later.

Before becoming a porn actor ¿Did you do anything else?

Yes, of course! I worked as physical education professor and sports physiology afterwards. As a professor I worked in different primary schools and secondary schools too. I remember that period very affectionately.
Being at Buenos Aires I worked as stripper at Bunker Disco (gay disco) which doesn’t exist anymore. What memories!
When I finally decided to move into the States, I worked as personal trainer in Miami and San Francisco; at the same time I worked for an airline company as flight assistant.

Does your family what you do for living?

Yes, Absolutely! I count with their unconditional support. It was not easy to accept but finally It was not so traumatic as I had thought. Or atleast that’s what I think…

When you are going to film a movie. Do you prepare in a special way?

Well, I consider myself as a survivor of an ancient era of gay porno which doesn’t exist anymore, the one where erotism and exposure was the best. When the models were almost mitologic and not so easy to find around the corner. An era when many boys wanted to be part of this industry but very few could do it. Nowadays, anyone can make a film.

The porn work seems to be very interesting, if you think you can have sex with the most pretty men in the world. Is that as it seems? or is it like any other work?

In my particular case I took it like a professional work, which allows me remain in it. I mean it is not boring but not funny either.

Are there any jealousy among models in the porn gay industry, as happens in the artistic world in

When there were exclusive models, jealousy and envy were present. At present time, I could only say “I don’t know”. One can be jealous or envy an enemy, I don’t consider I had enemies but I have had.

Without names (if you don’t want to) Did you have to shoot a porn scene with someone who had fought?

I am not the kind of guy who fights. I don’t waste my energy in that. The producers don’t force you to shoot a scene with some model you don’t like very much, but in a commercial way it has sense to do it.
Besides I keep a professional relationship with the models, so I have no time to know them in a personal way.

Do you have any friends in the porn industry?

I must say I have had good times with some people but not actual friends. A friend is someone who listens to you unconditionally, who is close enough and you can trust on.
This industry is somehow hostil where many boys come close in desperation, because they want to be “popular”, for a low self-estime o just have no idea what they are doing. In this industry is a bit difficult to make friends.

It is known the industry is competitive where constantly new faces emerge. Do you have a deadline for your work in this industry?

I always say “this is my last year” but producers keep on calling me. Indeed, this industry is very competitive but I have no enemies. I take into account two things: How famous you can be and people recognize you in a photo, the other is how much you earn.The STAR always gets the check with more “zeros” on the right side. I gained some critics for that reason.

Watching your movies, you always are top. Have you ever tried to be bottom?

I think being bottom is an acceptance to be ruled. Since I was a child I did everything I wanted and keep on doing it nowadays. I like to be in control. Like a wild horse who will never be tamed.

Like in any job, things are planned but sometimes don’t result as you expect and end in funny situations. Would tell us one story you recall…?

I have plenty of them! One was very funny. I had to shoot a scene with an australian model whom I had seen once but for personal reasons he cancelled . Finally the scene had to be shot with a canadian model who I didn’t know.
When I got to the hotel, this boy was standing at the reception in a suit and I thought he was the concierge and asked him to help me with my luggage. He comes to my room with me, I give him tips and close the door behind me.

The next day, when I go to the set I discover that my partner was this boy whom I had thought he was the concierge. I understood nothing! So asked him why he didn’t introduce himself, and answered me I hadn’t given the chance to speak!

You have a beautiful body. Tell us your secrets to keep in good shape.


Is it possible to have a boyfriend being a porn actor?

Yes of course! I am dating someone for 8 years by now. He was a porn model too and decided to leave porn 4 years ago and go back to college. He is italian, Carlo Masi.I must say it was not an easy relationship at the beginning, but if there is a mutual engagement and willing to stay together, a relationship can be carried on in this industry.

Name three countries in the world, you are tied up to them.

Discounting Argentina, where I was born and grew up. United States is the country which gave me many joys in different ways. U.S. was the country which helped me to be who I am and let me know many different people.
Mexico. I adopted him as my second home. I almost lost my argentine accent, sometimes is difficult to know where I am from. Mexico is a magic and fabulous country where everything is possible. A country which gave me a second chance in my life after having some personal problems. A country which let me know the real value of things.
Italy is the country where my boyfriend is from. A very, very, very mad country but beautiful too.

Do you have any favorite movie in which you have participated?

Instead of favorite movie, I’d say best experience apart from my scene. It was in Hawaii, all the crew to Honolulu. Everybody sharing the same place as if we were a big family. Just incredible places, a production almost like Hollywood. It was really amazing!

Do you have any projects you are able to tell us by now?

Along this year, I rejected some projects. I just accept those which treat me as a professional.I think land is near now, and that makes me very happy. On the other side, I feel that as gay resident in Italy, there is so much work to do in civil rights to homosexuals (don’t exist nowadays) and make people recognize that we, the homosexuals, are not sick. Stop homophobia!

For that reason I stay close to LGTB associations and colaborate as far as I can. I am thinking seriously to get in politics in near future, when porno becomes just a memory.

Thank you very much Adam Champ!