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North American lawyer proposes to kill homosexuals by a shot in the head

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Matt McLaughlin is an attorney of California, U.S.A., and wants to introduce a bill into the parliament whose main purpose is that homosexuality become a crime. The proposition includes that any person who were found having sex for pleasure with another same-sex person should be killed by a shot in his head or any other methods.

The proposition considers that if the state don’t justice for those acts; any citizen could to kill someone under those circumstances.

At the California State any person who pays a tax of 200 dollars can propose a new law, and McLaughlin already did it.

Matt MacLaughlin expects the bill, which is named “Suppression of sodomist acts“, will be accepted, though it is inconstitutional, he hopes to get the 350.000 signatures needed for being voted at the regional elections in 2016.

Beyond achieving his aim, the north american media is looking for opening a debate: “To consider illegal and a crime anything related to homosexuality” that McLaughlin defined as “Sodomy will destroy our society as has destroyed Sodoma and Gomorra“, says ABC.

The proposition also includes a 10 years penalty imprisonment and even one million dollars bond for anyone related to homosexuality as diffusion of homosexuals content or publicly support any sexual relation not heterosexual.

Source: Latin Times


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